Standard Product Development

Software Development Consultancy Company

If you already decided to partner with us, we are happy to propose fixed-rate 80 Euro per hour + VAT** product development and consultancy services, driven by modern agile SCRUM framework. We develop with the following stack of technologies:

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04/18.04 LTE
  • Language: C++ 11/14 , Python 3.7+ / Tensorflow 2.0+
  • Compiler: GCC/CLANG, CMake/Catkin
  • Source Control: GIT: Bitbucket/GitHub
  • TDD: GoogleTest, Smoke/Module test automation
  • CI/CD: Bitbucket pipelines, Jenkins, Travis-ci, local Docker
  • C++ Libraries: ROS / PCL / OpenCV
  • Python Libraries: Numpy / Pandas / Keras

** Implemented algorithms, codes and other results are licensed to the customer in the non-exclusive way, i.e. we keep right to reuse algorithms, codes or data, which are not protected by customer NDA in our future projects.