Our Services

Software Development Consultancy Company

We provide full range of R&D-oriented Software Development and Consultancy services. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Multi-sensor Signal Processing and Computational Algorithms
  • Robotics, Sensors and Actuators,, Optimal Control, Trajectory Planning
  • Multi-Camera Systems, Image Analysis, Scene Understanding
  • SLAM, Localization, Sensor-Fusion, Visualization
  • Object Detection and Tracking, High-level Algorithms
  • Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, CNN/LSTM/GAN

Proof-of-Concept development

Whenever you’ve got an excellent business idea or complicated challenge, which probably can be solved with the data analysis and/or computational algorithms, we are happy to help you with the consulting, development and implementation of the proof-of-concept algorithm.

We deliver free-of-charge* proposal for your business challenge and sketch basic implementation, proving the proposed solution. In this phase we usually use Python and IPython Notebooks and provide deliverable in the form of figures, graphs and maybe reports.

You provide us with all the required data and necessary background information, as well as collaborate with us, during the implementation phase.

* Implemented algorithms, codes and other results are not licensed to the customer, as only visualization or suitability report for the selected proof-of-concept implementation is delivered. Any additional expenses, such as purchasing or renting additional hardware, software, required licenses or other resources shall be paid by customer.

Standard Product Development

If you already decided to partner with us, we are happy to propose fixed-rate 80 Euro per hour + VAT** product development and consultancy services, driven by modern agile SCRUM framework. We develop with the following stack of technologies:

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04/18.04 LTE
  • Language: C++ 11/14 , Python 3.7+ / Tensorflow 2.0+
  • Compiler: GCC/CLANG, CMake/Catkin
  • Source Control: GIT: Bitbucket/GitHub
  • TDD: GoogleTest, Smoke/Module test automation
  • CI/CD: Bitbucket pipelines, Jenkins, Travis-ci, local Docker
  • C++ Libraries: ROS / PCL / OpenCV
  • Python Libraries: Numpy / Pandas / Keras

** Implemented algorithms, codes and other results are licensed to the customer in the non-exclusive way, i.e. we keep right to reuse algorithms, codes or data, which are not protected by customer NDA in our future projects.

Custom Development and Integration

If you need help with something, outside of our list of technologies or you want to be a sole owner of all the codes and deliverables, we are happy to help you on personally-agreed terms and develop your product together with you. Please contact us in order to continue discussion.