Software Development Consultancy Company

Free-of-Charge Proof-of-Concept work offer

This free-of-charge offer is intended for small, well-defined Proof-of-Concept type of projects, where the main goal is to understand future possibility of our collaboration and plausibility of the working idea. This offer does not applies to unrelated work, not leading to further collaboration. Please read more about Proof-of-Concept Development.

In order to obtain this offer please contact us and discuss with us your problem or idea, and ways of possible collaboration.

Standard Product Development offer

This fixed-price offer is intended for tasks and work-items with limited scope and implemented within familiar and convenient environment. Please read more about Standard Product Development.

Fixed Rate: 80 EUR + VAT per hour

Product Integration offer

If work does not qualify in two previous categories, we are still happy to help you, however terms of our collaboration and charging rates need to negotiated. Please contact us in order to continue.